This is all the history of the updates of this web site:


I added a new TV commercial in italian.

I added many Poochie stories in italian.

I added recipes.

I added fan arts.


I added 9 new gorgeous custom dolls made by Alie. Check them out.


I added two more story books and tons of recipies for Topolino. All in Italian.


I found a commercial for 1990! So gorgeous!!!

I added a new creation in Art and Craft.

I published tons of stories of Cherry Merry muffin in Italian. In the books section.


I finally published the playsets!!!!

I updated the It's a small world page.

I updated the custom page.

I updated the goodies page.

I updated the link page.

I added new school books.

I added new bags.

I added cups pictures.

I added fan art pictures.

I added art and craft pictures.


I updated the link page.

I added new characters.

I added new videos of the TV commercials.

I added new school books.

I added new stickers.


I made new pictures for all the dolls.

I made new pictures for the outfits.

I updated the link page.

I added pictures of kids wearing the costume.

I added pictures of very nice outfits for Cherry Merry Muffins.

I added a picture for the Penny Peppermint miniature.

I added a wallpaper a fan did for the site.

I added the lyrics of the italian song.


I added a new page in the birthday pages. Plastic bags.

I added a new bag.

I added a sticker.

And I added 4 new school books.


I added a doll in the custom page.

I added pictures of the original prototype of the costume.

I fixed bugs in the php galleries.

I added new pictures in the birthday pages. I added 2 new pages: cups and pack.

I added new boxes pictures of the miniatures dolls.

I added a new bag.

I added a lot a pictures of boxes in the dolls section.


I added 13 new art in the fan art page.

A created a Cosplay page with the pictures of people dressed in Cherry Merry Muffin costumes.


I't been almost two years since I've advertise any changings in the site here. However there were some that I made and forgot to mention here.
So here's all what's new since a long time:

I made a podcast about Cherry Merry Muffin. It's a serie of episodes of me talking about Cherry Merry Muffin, making product review, site review, doll review, story review and a lot more. You can download the episodes directly from the blog or through iTunes. You don't need an iPod to listen to this.

I finally found a Cherry Merry Muffin commercial and was able to digitalize it. However it's only in Black and White at the moment.

Unfortunately the forum has been hacked and is down again. I'm not sure yet if I want to set up a new one yet. If you want to let me know and I will do it.

All the German tapes are now listed and you can listen to them.

I made a quiz (in French) to test your knowleadge about Cherry Merry Muffin.

I updated the custom page with new pictures.


At least! I've redone all the pages about the Dolls. There's now a picture for each doll, and pictures of all the different boxes.
I've done a whole new page about the outfits. With pictures of my dolls and of the carts.


During my small (1 week) holiday I've scanned many things. Result: 10 catalogs scanned. The end of the sticker album (with the stickers). A new coloring book (only the cover for now). The cover of the #5 tape.

Unfortunaltely the forum is down :'( . All the messages have been saved, but the structure crashed down. I will set up a new forum and try to recover our posts. I'll let you know.

I've organised the Fan Art by character.


Now the accessories of 1989 and of 1990 are online. Not many comments but it will come. The links page has been updated. I hope I haven't forgotten anything.


At least, after all that time, I annonce the new update. Most of the new pages were already online but haven't been annonced. For exemple a new Fan Art. I'm proud to welcome the youngest Cherry Merry Muffin's fan that I know. Aurore is only 8 and she's our new columnist. You can see her first story here. It is worth seeing! Very promising.


A huge update but actually some are older but not yet annonced here. First of all: I added new pictures for the miniatures page. A lot better than before. New pictures for the 1989 Lunch Box. A new page to know all the characters and the characters that are not made in dolls. News links. New translation for the It's a small wolrd dolls (Thanks Jody). New information and file for the tape #2.


Happy New Year!

Huge new year's update. I added 3 new pictures in the Fan Art page. I updated the links and I changed the layout of the page. I created a Custom dolls page. I created a custom contest. I added some creation in the art & carft page. I modified the information about Cherry Merry Muffin 1988's aprons in the intenational page. I also modified the inforamtion about Sauerkuckuck in the tapes page.


Merry Christmas!

I added new pictures in the Fan Art page. I'd like to thank you all for your participation in my web site since its creation. I wish it will go on like this.


At last some news here! I've been very busy at the university lately, but today I'm ill, so I find the time to look after my site ;-)
Well, I only added two new pictures in the Fan Art page. And want to let you know that I ordered a new coloring book, a different one, I'll publish it as soon as I get it.
I want to signal that the forum members got a free Cherry Merry Muffin Christmas card I made, if you want to receive it too, send me an email with your address.


I put my copyright on my pictures, so even if someone steal one of them, you'll always know where it comes from.
I put a picture of Cherry Merry Muffin to color in the Goodies page. Please, send me scan if you color it!
I also added two new picture in the Fan Art page.
I updated the trade page too.


I added the picture of the pencil case in the bags page. I added the picture of a thermos bag in the lunch box page.
Another thing, I noticed that the forum is not very active these days. Please come and give us your opinion on the many subjets available.
Don't be surprised if you see that the poll archives have differents numbers in the questions, I added the scores of the French and the English polls together.


I made a cooking page. I only have a single receipe now, but more will come soon.
I welcome lovely tickle and Pink Plastic, the two first English speaking members.


All the pages are already translated since some days, I hope everything is OK, otherwise let me know.
I bought the domain name For the moment it is only a redirection to my previous URL, but I will soon change my provider and the domain name will stay as you navigate.
I changed the logo on the home page and I add a banner if you want to link to my site.


The translation goes on, I hope it'll be done soon. There're already many pages, some may not be complete yet, please excuse the problems about it these days.
I wanted to let you know that Mochi make a Cherry Merry Muffin dollz contest. It's a special computer drawing style in pixels and not everyone can do it (I can't), but the entries are gorgeous! Go and see them on her web site in the "contest" section.


You asked for it? Here it is! Cherry Merry Muffin Home is now in English too! I translate it all by myself, so feel free to let me know if you see any mistake, and give me your impressions! For now only a few pages are available and there can be some problems today due to the uploads of the pages. Please come back soon, everything will be fixed.