You have the possibility to put here, just by sending me an email, your lists of wanted, for sale and for trade Cherry Muffin Muffin stuff.

In the following tables, there's the description of what you're looking for and what you're selling. For the selling items you must precise the price (in US dollars) and you can also put a picture (I can host your pictures as long as they're not bigger than 100 Ko).

I know that many people prefer trading that selling or buying. A community is more friendly when there no money business between the members. And that avoids having to spend a fortune when you need just a hat! Then don't hesitate to ask the saler or the buyer if they don't prefer a trade.

Green Eyes Girl:

is looking for:
4 pink spoon 1990
Recipe card Chocolottie 1989

Recipe card Bubblegum Becky

Apple Amy Mini
Greta Grape Mini with yellow cat
Penny Peppermint Mini with a lollipop
Lily Vanilly Mini with unicorn
Splashing Fun Outfit
Nigeria It's a small world
Japan It's a small world


is looking for:
Cherry Merry Muffin 1990 helper  
Peach Perfection helper  
Cookie 'n' Cream helper  
Grape Ice helper  
Grape Ice outfit and skirt  
Brown comb  
Purple comb  
Orange comb  
2 pink comb  
5 pink spoon 1990  
Apple Amy Mini  
Chocolottie 1988 Mini  
Chocolottie 1989 Mini with rabbit  
Bubblegum Becky Mini with teddy bear  
Greta Grape Mini with shopping cart  
Penny Peppermint Mini with lollipop  
Lily Vanilly Mini with unicorn  
6 It's a small world dolls  
sell / trade
Mini Betty Berry
she prefer trading
3 Cherry Merry Muffin's 1989 recipe card
White comb
Light pink muffin pan (without muffin)
Yellow muffin pan (without muffin)
2 yellow muffins (without pan)
Dark pink muffins + purple pan
White muffins + dark pink pan
Cherry Merry Muffin's 1988 bow without ribbon
Lily Vanilly naked
Lily Vanilly + dress
2 Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 naked
2 Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 + dress, apron (white), bow, muffins and pan
Penny Peppermint + dress, apron, hat, ribbon, muffins and pan
Penny Peppermint + dress
Bubblegum Becky + dress, apron, hat , ribbon, muffins, pan and comb
Betty Berry + dress, bow et apron
Chocolottie Euro naked
Chocolottie + dress, apron et bow
Chocolottie US + dress and bow
Chocolottie Euro + dress
Cherry Merry Muffin 2 + dress, hat, ribbon, muffins and pan
Cherry Merry Muffin 2 + dress, apron, hat, ribbon, muffins, pan, comb et recipe card COMPLETE
Betty Berry (hair cut)
Banancy + dress (shoulder broken)
Purple spatula


is looking for:
Cherry Merry Muffin 1990 black complete + helper
Peach Perfection's outfit
Lily Vanilly's hat + ribbon
Peach Perfection helper
Cookie 'n' Cream helper
Grape Ice complete + helper
Greta Grape complete
Brown comb
2 purple comb
Orange comb
2 green comb
Pink comb
5 pink spoon 1990
Penny Peppermint's recipe card
Bubblegum Becky's recipe card
Chocolottie's 1989 recipe card
Greta Grape's recipe card
Lily Vanilly's recipe card
Bubblegum Becky's apron
1 bow for Banancy
2 bows for Apple Amy
Light brown muffins + green pan
Yellow muffins + green pan
Light brown muffins + yellow pan


is looking for:
Cherry Merry Muffin 1989 hat + pink ribbon
Cherry Merry Muffin 1989 dress
Chocolottie 1989 naked + hat, green ribbon
Light pink comb
2 white combs
Yellow pan
Light brown muffins + yellow pan
Flat pink muffins + white pan
Dark brown muffins + white pan
Flat brown muffins + light pink pan
Bow for Chocolottie 1988
2 bows for Banancy
Banancy apron
Chocolottie 1988 apron
Banancy helper
Chocolottie 1988 helper
6 recipe cards


is looking for:
Scented stickers


is looking for:
It's a small world dolls


1990 Greta Grape Doll
Cupcake Cafe playset pieces

Cherry Merry Muffin dress, helper and comb


is looking for:
CMM Ice Cream: 

Peach Perfection's Short Skirt (Tulle & Shiny) 

Bracelet Cards for each Cake doll (6) 

Pink Spoons for CMM Ice Cream Dishes (4) 

Brochure of CMM Ice Cream Dolls 

CMM Minis—Need 11 of 18: 

Banancy with helper 

Becky Bubblegum with basket 

Becky Bubblegum with teddy bear 

Chocolottie on skates 

CMM with helper 

CMM with muffins 

Greta Grape with cart 

Lily Vanilly ballerina 

Lily Vanilly with unicorn 

Penny Peppermint with lollipop 

Penny Peppermint with Tea 


Is looking for
- Tenue complète de:
    - Grape Ice
    - Peach Perfection
    - Jupe de Cookie'n cream
- Moules à muffins de: 
    - Greta Grape
    - Chocolottie Party
    - Becky Bubble Gum
    - Lily Vanilly
 - Peignes:
   - 2 verts
   - 3 roses clairs
   - 1 violets
   - 1 marron
   - 1 orange
   - Perfect Glass Friend de: 
      - Grape Ice
      - CMM 90
      - Peach Perfection
      - Cookie 'n Cream


Is looking for


-Peigne rose , Plateau rose + Muffin marron clair , Noeud a cheveux et Tablier de Cherry Merry Muffin.
-Peigne bleu , Compagnon bleu , Noeud a cheveux et Tablier de Betty Berry.
-Peigne blanc ,Plateau blanc + Muffin marron foncé , Compagnon goutte de chocolat,Noeud a cheveux et Poupée Chocolottie .
-Peigne vert, Plateau vert +Muffin marron clair , Compagnon vert ,Noeud a cheveux et Tablier , Poupée Apple Amy.
-Peigne jaune , Plateau jaune + Muffin marron clair ,Noeud a cheveux et Tablier de Banancy.


-Peigne blanc , Plateau blanc + Muffin rose , Chapeau cake rose , Carte recette de Cherry Merry Muffin.
-Peigne rose ,Plateau rose + Muffin marron clair, Chapeau gâteau au chocolat , Carte recette de Chocolottie .
-Peigne violet ,Plateau bleu/violet + Muffin je ne sais pas trop la couleur , Chapeau blanc a poids , Carte recette et tablier et Poupée Bubblegum Becky.
-Peigne rose foncé , Plateau rose foncé + Muffin blanc , Chapeau blanc rayé rouge , Carte recette et Tablier et Poupée Penny Peppermint.
-Peigne vert , Plateau vert + Muffin jaune ,Chapeau blanc avec rose,Carte recette et Poupée Lily vanilly.
-Peigne jaune ,Plateau jaune + Muffin violet , Chapeau jaune , Carte recette et Poupée Greta Grape.


-Peigne rose ,Cuillère rose ,Compagnon glace rose et Poupée Cherry Merry Muffin.
-Peigne violet ,Cuillère rose , Compagnon glace violet et Poupée Grape Ice.
-Peigne Marron , Cuillère rose , Compagnon glace rose et Poupée Cookie'n Cream.
-Peigne orange ,Cuillère rose , Compagnon glace orange et poupée Peach Perfection.

I'm not responsible for the trades or the sales made from this page. I only propose sales and wantlist for people.