Here's the list of all the Cherry Merry Muffin stickers I know.

The sticker has a granulous texture where the picture is. The pink background texture is smooth. It's written:

Stock #0425-8 (c) Mattel, Inc. 1989
Printed in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved

Almost the same one. But with the French text:

"Pour découvrir le parfum, gratte les cheveux."
(To discover the sent, rub the hair)

And the Mattel logo.

German sicker with the text:

"Wir Muffins Sind im kommen!"

Closed pack of the italian stickers for the album.

The set of 8 scretch and sniff stickers from the invitation cards of the birthday collection.

And there's also all the stickers in the stickers book from Italy.


If you know any other stickers please let me know.