Here are many art & craft ideas to do with Cherry Merry Muffin stuff or from inspiration of Cherry Merry Muffin. You can ask me for patterns and directions for anything on this page. I can also sell some of my creations or make a special one for you.

Sheats on which you draw, then you put them in the oven. They shrink and thicken.
You have then small plastic things about 0.5 centimeters thick.


Plate (2002)
Candle seen from 3 faces (2002)
Small box (2002)
The two napkins that I used


Bubblegum Becky
not painted (2003)
painted (2003)

Fait par Sweetie Giselle


Cherry Merry Muffin and Penny Peppermint 1989 traced from the back of the box (2001)


Cherry Merry Muffin logo banner (2002)
Shelf to display my Cherry Merry Muffin dolls (2001)

Small moneybox, suitcase-shaped decorated with Betty Berry cut from the back of the box (1992)


Daniela Pupa Kawaii Jewels

Gorgeous tiny figures in FIMO.


Sweetness Meryange

Gorgeous tiny figures in FIMO.

If you have your own Cherry Merry Muffin art & craft ideas or if you have tried one of the technique above, send me a picture, so everybody can see it too!