Livre d'histoires


Here are some stories in German and Italian. There should exist some in French because a friend of a friend has seen one in Quebec at a friend's place. Apparently Cherry Merry Muffin had a younger brother in that story, is it Sauerkuckuck? We won't know it before having found one of these books. If you possess one, please let me know.


Il Magico mondo di Cherry Merry muffin
Grosse Aufregung im Merry Muffin Land
Grande agitation dans le Monde Merveilleux de la Pâtisserie Poochie 62 Poochie 63 Poochie 64 Poochie 65 Poochie 66
Poochie 67 Poochie 68 Poochie 69 Poochie 70 Poochie 71 Poochie 72 Poochie 73 Poochie 74
Poochie 77 Poochie 82