Cahiers d'école

I found those on eBay. They are from Italy. I know about only 4 different colors. Their first page is great. They are all squared or lined.


Four school books. Vanessa and Francesca from Italy found them. The first one shows the Mix n' Wash Bowl, the second one the Muffin Mix Table and the third one the Milk Carton Fridge. They all have the same first page (Name, Subject, Class, School). The inside of the first two is ruled the third one is squared. The logo is a very special one. I don't own the fourth one. I also foudn a Diary. Each page is different.

Mix 'n Wash Bowl
Muffin Mix Table
Milk Carton Fridge
Time 'n Bake Oven



Binder (I'm looking for it)
Text book covers


I'm collecting all the books of this kind. Let me know if you have one for sale.