A Halloween costume has been released so you can look like Cherry Merry Muffin. The costume contains: a plastic mask with Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 hair and pink ribbon with holes for your eyes. The clothing in itself is a plastic bag with Cherry Merry Muffin carrying her muffins pan. There's also a Scratch 'n Sniff part, if you scratch it you can smell cherries.

This costume exists in several kids sizes.

Costume box
Costume opened

I had the chance to buy the original prototype for the mask on eBay. The factory closed and sold it's stock and prototypes.

Original prototype
Karnella sent me a picture of her sister (1994) and her (1992) wearing the CMM costume. Thanks a lot.


I'm looking for a picture of this costume worn by a child. If you have one, please contact me.