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I have the extreme pleasure to feature Alie's creations here. They are amazing!


Here are 3 dolls I found on eBay. Paul did them.

  Sally from Peanuts Lucy from Peanuts


Amazing Grape

Fraisinette 2004

Cherry in Pink

Fraisinette 2004

Zesty Zoé

Fraisinette (+ Green Eyes Girl) 2001-2004

The 2003-2004 Christmas Custom Contest ended with only one contestant and two dolls. Then the winner is Fraisinette and her dolls. The hair style is from Fraisinette and the clothing were bought as is in the flea market.

Here's at last Zesty Zoé. A new character Fraisinette and me created. The picture is Fraisinette's one; I haven't had time to cloth mine yet. ;-)


Here are my creations! Some were made in the time of my first Cherry Merry Muffin dolls.

Green Eyes Girl ~ 1990
Green Eyes Girl ~ 1990
Green Eyes Girl ~ 1990
Outfits inspired by the Flintstones. I had a bone to put in the hair with the brown outfit, but I lost it.
An Hawaiian Cherry Merry Muffin.

Snow Queen

Green Eyes Girl ~ 1990

Pinky Cookie

Green Eyes Girl ~ 2001

This is my favorite creation. By the way, I used it for my 2003 Christmas card. It's a complete winter outfit. With a coat (I should have used a red ribbon instead of a blue), gloves, a hat and boots (notice the soles!). This outfit fits Penny Peppermint perfectly because of her red and white dress.
This is just a mix of Cherry Merry Muffin1988's dress and 2 hair bows and Chocolottie 1988's apron on Cookie 'n Cream. I mixed them because I did'nt want to sell a doll without clothes and a loose dress. I found her nice, so I actually kept it. I called her: Pinky Cookie.


Tracy made all these cute Cherry Merry Muffin outfits.

Grape Muffin
Merry Strawberry
Blue Berry
Spicy Pumpkin Muffin
Vanilla Muffin