Publicité TV

Here's a list of a few TV commercials I have found. Currently French, German and and English and 4 different products.

I don't know for the others commerical and I'm absolutely looking for them. There should be many different commercial for each country, since there was several products in the Cherry Merry Muffin line and there was three series of dolls. You may have notice in some catalog it's written "TV" or "Seen on TV" next to the product. I guess it mean there's several different commercial, one for each product.

If you remember any of these commercials or if you possess any, please let me know.


Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 - French Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 and the Muffin Table and Oven - French
Chocolottie 1988 and the Mix and Wash - French Cherry Merry Muffin 1989 - French
Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 - German Chocolottie 1988 and the Mix and Wash - English
Cherry Merry Muffin 1988 - English Cherry Merry Muffin 1989 and the Pastry Cafe - English
Cherry Merry Muffin 1990 - English Cherry Merry Muffin and the Mix and Wash 1988 - Italian


German song

"Oh Cherry Merry Muffin, sie kocht süss, riecht süss, sieht süss aus" (audio tape and commercial version)

Translation: "Cherry Merry Muffin, she cooks sweet, smell sweet, looks sweet"

"Ich koch' süss, ich back' süss und seh' süss aus" (Comic version)


Translation: "I cook sweet, I bake sweet, and looks sweet"  

English song

"Meet Cherry Merry Muffin, she cooks sweet, she looks sweet, smells sweet too!" (TV commercial version 1988 et 1989)

"Cherry Merry Muffin, makes ice cream dreams come true for you" (TV commercial version 1990)


Dutch song

"He Cherry Merry Muffin: Ze kookt zoet, ze ruikt zoet, ze ziet er zoet uit!" (Thanks Wendy from The Netherlands!)
Translation: "(Hey) Cherry Merry Muffin, she cooks sweet, she smells sweet, she even looks sweet"

Italian song

"Cherry Merry Muffin, fa tanti pasticcini con tanti profumini..." (Thanks Chicca from Italy!)

Translation: Cherry Merry Muffin makes so many sweets with so many smells.

French song

"Mes petits plats sont merveilleux, mes pâtisseries sont merveilleuses et moi je suis merveilleuse" (Comic version)
Translation: "My cookies are wonderful, my pastry is wonderful, and I'm wonderful"

"Les Cherry Merry Muffin préparent des muffins, ça sent bon les muffins" (TV commercial version)
Translation: "The Cherry Merry Muffin bake muffins, it smells good like muffins"


If you can help me find out more information about what's on this page, I would be so happy, and if you know the song in another language, that would be great if you let me know.