Lunch box: 1989

Yellow thermos and lunch box 1989

The 1989 lunch box is made by Thermos. It opens in the middle. The picture is on one of the top half part. The two clips for closing is in the same plastic than the box. The picture is Cherry Merry Muffin, Penny Peppermint and Chocolottie 1989. They all have a muffins pan and they have Cherry Sweet and Chocolate Drop with them. The logo is pink text on yellow background. I only know two colors: yellow and red. The red lunch box has a white handle while the yellow one has a yellow handle. In my opinion that pink background of the picture on a red box is not very beautiful!

Red lunch box 1989

I think that each lunch box color has it's assorted thermos.

I just discover a pink Thermos bag with the 1989 charaters. There's an elastic inside to keep the thermos in place.

If you possess other colors of lunch box I'm interested to see pictures of them. And if you see anything wrong on this page, don't forget to write me a line about it.