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Cherry Merry Muffin:
She's the best cook in Merry Muffin Land. She's also the cutest.
She cooks every days Cherry Muffins, in order to give to the Merry Muffin Land her delicious scent and keep it the way it is. They are made with Magic Cherries and Cherry Merry Muffin is the only one who can go and pick them.

She's very greedy, but she have a wonderful taste for decoration. She's always asked for advice about esthetics. On the other hand she's very fearful and she prefers stay at home than run for the adventure.
Betty Berry:
She's very talkative and has always something to tell. She doen't fear anything and is always ready to set for the adventure.
She's the youngest friends of Cherry Merry Muffin. She's very perky and always happy. She's a little bit dreamy.
Apple Amy:
She's very sensible and concerned with her friends.


Cherry Merry Muffin
Lily Vanilly
Bubblegum Becky
Greta Grape
Penny Peppemint


Cherry Merry Muffin
Cherry Merry Muffin
Peach Perfection
Cookie n' Cream
Grape Ice