Poupées: Apple Amy 1988


European Box
??? Box
Greek Box
??? Box
??? Box


Doll: Black, black hair curly in the end, brown eyes, and green shoes.

Helper: "Apple Buddy ": green "pitcher", purple stem, yellow feet and purple arms.

Dress: Light green skirt with red-orange design, white lace and iridescent decoration, plain white sleeves tight the end with a bow above, blouse plain dark salmon and white lace around the neck, light brown and green muffin button with a pink cherry.

Apron: Plain dark salmon, white lace and iridescent decoration around, white
sparkly ribbon.

Bow: 2 small rounds iridescent bows with green sparkly ribbons.

Muffins: Light brown in a green pan.

Comb: Green, muffin-shaped.

Apple scented.