Lunch box: 1988


Pink lunch box and thermos 1988

The 1988 lunch box is made by Aladdin. It's rectangle shaped and has the picture on one face. The closing clip is made out of metal. The picture is Cherry Merry Muffin, Apple Amy, Banancy, Betty Berry and Chocolottie 1988. It's the same as the one on the back of the dolls' and accessories' 1988 box. I only know two colors: purple and pink. The logo is yellow text on a green background.

Each lunch box color has its assorted thermos. The picture is Cherry Merry Muffin holding a muffins pan but the style is not the same as in the box. Probably another artist. The Cherry Merry Muffin logo on the thermos is yellow text on a white background. The inside is beige with a brown straw. I think it's the same for the purple thermos.

Purple thermos
Pink thermos
Pink thermos opened


If you possess other colors of lunch box I'm interested to see pictures of them. And if you see anything wrong on this page, don't forget to write me a line about it.