Anniversaire: Serviettes

There're two sizes, big and small. Closed, the small measures 12,5 cm and the big measures 16,5 cm. They are printed by the society C.A. Reed (Williamsport, Pa 17701). There is 16 napkins in a package, each one have 3 layers. The small napkins package has a piece of cardboard inside. The big napkins package doesn't but has a small (scented?) cardboard muffin inside.

The two different sizes have the same pattern: on one part is Cherry Merry Muffin (1988) with her muffins pan, the Cherry Merry Muffin logo (pink and blue text and yellow background) and the C.A. Reed (Williamsport, Pa 17701) logo. Everything on a pink background with small white cherries and a raw of muffins.

On two other parts is Cherry Merry Muffin in white, seen from the side like cut in a pink muffin. On one part it's written "© Mattel, Inc. 1989" .

The fourth part only indicates C.A. Reed.

If you want to see what I made out of these napkins go and see the art & craft page. I used them to decorated objects. Actually, it will be a sacrilege to wash one's mouth with one of these napkins today, they're so old and rare ;-) Then you can say that cutting it would be even worst, but I keep one package not opened for my collection and I have another one for crafting.

Closed packets big and small, recto and verso
Big napkin
Small napkin